the story

Hi, I'm Daniel. I'm the founder of Athena
and now I'll tell you how I turned my hobby into my job. Everyone
knows what sneakers look like after a year, especially if the sneakers are white
. My sneakers definitely looked awful and it was too bad for me
to just throw them away. So I was looking for a solution
and came across acrylic paints. I was inspired by cool
designs on the internet and decided to give my
shoes a new look. Word of this got around very quickly in my circle of friends
and I received my first orders. After
a certain amount of time and a lot of experience, I had the idea not only to refurbish old shoes,
but also to make new shoes unique. I started selling handmade unique pieces on the eBay platform. The customers were
enthusiastic about my work.

This is how the Athena brand was born.

How did we come to the ATHENA?

When we decided to start our company, we knew we needed a name that reflected our values ​​and purpose as a company. We knew we wanted to create a brand that stood for quality, trust and commitment. After much thought and discussion, we finally decided on the name Athena.

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, craft and strategic warfare. She is known for her intelligence, strength, and problem-solving ability. Athena is also a symbolic figure for the city of Athens, which was a center of science, art and culture in ancient times.

We chose the name Athena because it represents our company's values ​​and goals. We want to offer our customers intelligent, innovative solutions based on years of experience and expertise. We also want to be known for our strength and commitment to customer satisfaction. The Athena name embodies all of these qualities and is emblematic of the type of company we aspire to be.

We are proud to have chosen the Athena name as our brand and are confident that it will help us establish ourselves as a leader in our industry. By using this name we are able to give our customers a connection to the values ​​and history that are important to us as a company.