About Us

Hi I'm Daniel. I am the founder of Athena
And now I'm going to tell you how I turned my hobby into a job. Everyone
knows how sneakers look after a year, especially if the sneakers are white
are. My sneakers definitely looked horrible and I was ok
It's a shame to throw away your shoes. So I've been looking for a solution
searched and came across acrylic paints. I was able to get on the internet from
Get inspired by cool designs and I decided to do mine
Giving shoes a new look. This has become part of my circle of friends
Word got around very quickly and I received my first orders. After a
After a certain amount of time and a lot of experience, I had the idea not only to recycle old shoes,
but also to make new shoes unique. I started out about that
Selling platform Ebay handmade unique pieces. The customers were
enthusiastic about my work.

This is how the Athena brand was born.