AIR Force 1 Custom Sneaker Beige 5.0

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AIR Force 1 Custom Sneaker Beige 5.0 - 35.5 is in stock and will be shipped as soon as it becomes available again

That's what legends are made of. The Nike Air Force 1 is the new edition of the basketball classic from 1982 and impresses with its everyday style. But this is too boring for you and you want to wear something absolutely unique on your feet? Then our custom Nike Air Force are just right for you. We only use original Nike Air Force 07 in white and refine them with high-quality acrylic paints (Made in Germany) at the customer's request, which is why such a refinement can sometimes take up to 3 weeks, depending on the order situation and availability.

    Free delivery / returns and exchanges

    - Free shipping within Germany & Europe.

    - Ready for dispatch in just 1-3 weeks.

    - With express shipping, your order will be given preference and will be dispatched within 10 days at the latest.

    - We make every custom sneaker to order and put a lot of manual work and love into our shoes. Since our custom sneakers are individual one-offs, they cannot be returned or exchanged.


    The color lasts a lifetime as long as you pay attention to a few things:
    - only clean the shoes with a slightly
    damp cloth
    - never wash the shoes in the washing machine
    - no chemical solvents -/Use detergent

    - avoid scratching and rubbing

    100% Original Air Force

    ATHENA stands for and guarantees 100% originality. The shoes are ordered from authorized dealers in Germany and checked for authenticity by hand by our team.
    We do not support the sale of counterfeits!

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    Customer Reviews

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    Emily F.
    Super Qualität

    Die Schuhe sind richtig schön geworden, es ist sauber gearbeitet worden. Die Schuhe sehen aus, wie auf dem Bild. Ich werde den Shop auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen und das nächste Mal meine AirForce wieder hier kaufen. :)

    Saldin Pezic
    Produkt top, Versand + Zustellung katastrophal

    Das Produkt ist qualitativ hochwertig und schaut auch richtig gut aus. Ich verstehe, dass die Zustellung länger dauert, aber sie könnten wenigstens den Lieferanten hinterfragen. Es kann nicht sein, dass ich, obwohl ich zuhause bin, am Zustellungstag nicht das Paket bekomme und auch keinen Zettel mit einer Information, wo ich das Paket abholen kann.

    Ich habe es zufälligerweise über die Tracking - Nummer erfahren und auch diese Info ist dort viel zu spät erschienen.